This Guy With Down Syndrome Started His Own Sock Business (John’s Crazy Socks)

John Lee Cronin loves socks. The 21-year-old, who has Down syndrome, is known for wearing colorful, fun and whimsical socks, a passion he’s since turned into John’s Crazy Socks – an online sock store.

To make John’s Crazy Socks a reality, John partnered with his father Mark Cronin, to build the site. “John has been saying for years that he wanted to go into business with me,” Cronin said. “His ideas included a food truck and a ‘fun store,’ though it was never clear what the fun store would sell. In November, we fell into a conversation about his socks. By the end of the conversation, we decided to open an online sock store and to call it John’s Crazy Socks.”

While Mark helps out with the more technical aspects of running a website, John, Mark said, is the face of the business. “[John] came up with the name and participates in discussions on issues such as which awareness socks to create, what to put in our packaging and whether to open a brick and mortar store,” he told The Mighty.

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