Making an Anvil Out of Railroad Track

Old railroad tracks can be more useful than running the trains as that strong casted steel can be transformed into many useful tools.  Metalworker can convert it into a fully functional Anvil. An Anvil is an excellent tool to hammer metal objects.

Anvil increases the applied force on the metal object, so each hammer on Anvil will reduce the need of hard work and allow the metalworker to achieve far superior results. A typical Anvil will have two parts the flat surface and a curved area.

Using the steel block from old rail track will give us a better flat surface which is called the face of Anvil as well as a more precise curved area which is known as the horn. You can make an Anvil using a stock steel block, but a rendered rail track will cost pennies to the dollars.

This video is an excellent showcase of all the steps and processes that are needed to convert a rail track piece into an Anvil. Watch the video and enjoy the cutting, milling, hammering, and polishing that is it required to make a good looking and functional Anvil.


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