You can now buy a 70 mph adult version of the Little Tikes toy car.

Most of us are familiar with the classic Little Tikes car, the red-and-yellow plastic vehicle that lets toddlers scoot around using Flintstones-style foot power. In what can only be a desperate effort to hold onto a lost childhood, Oxfordshire, UK brothers John and Geof Bitmead have made a motorized, totally street-legal version of the car for adults. Because the only thing that’s more fun than a toy is a toy that might someday need $5,000 in repairs. Here’s a video of the car from when it was first made, a couple of years ago:

Unfortunately, the dream John mentioned in the video of using the car to raise money for charity (and to pay off the ~$46,000 cost of building the thing) never came true, so now the brothers are selling it for around $32,000. Yes, it’s true! For double the cost of a sensible Honda Fit, you can buy a windowless, climate-uncontrolled Daewoo Matiz that will probably get constantly rear-ended because people are staring at it. Dreams: They do come true.

According to the BBC, the Bitmead brothers have their eyes on a much more reasonable project next: an Addams Family camper van.


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