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Deer meets turkey hunter, tries to eat his Ghillie suit

Leon Champine, Joe Pople, and Corey Cook were out turkey hunting when an unlikely pair joined their hunting party.

It was just before dawn when two young bucks wandered up on the trio of hunters.

The yearling bucks were curious an unafraid as they sniffed and licked the hunters’ shotguns.

Champine pulled out his camera and took a few videos of the brave little deer as they sniffed, licked, and tried to eat his Ghillie suit.

“I believe this is their first season without following mom around to teach them what is dangerous,” Champine told Indiana Fox News affiliate Fox 59. “I also believe that they were just simply inquisitive.”

The three men have more than 50 years of combined hunting experience, and none of them have ever seen something like this. “It was truly a once in a lifetime encounter that I am incredibly fortunate enough to have captured on my phone,” Champine said.


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