Guns Tresh


It was a scene right out of a Wild West movie where the hombres on horseback ride into a Texas border town in the dead of night and gallop down Main Street, firing indiscriminately.

However this was no movie and the horses these thugs were driving was a Nissan Altima and that fabled Main Street was Glenburnie Drive, in North Houston, Texas.


The “SHOOTOUT” began late last Friday night as a Texas homeowner was sitting quietly on his front porch, enjoying the evening when out of the darkness a late-model Nissan Altima appeared roaring down the quiet street towards him, and within a matter of seconds the would-be assailants open fired on the homeowner, spraying the area with over 40-rounds within a matter of seconds.

Miraculously the homeowner escaped uninjured; however what followed next would put Clint Eastwood to shame, within a matter of seconds after that awesome display of firepower, the homeowner reached for his own weapon that he apparently had at the ready and began immediately returning fire at the speeding auto, which swerved and hit a parked car.

Wounded the three thugs exited the vehicle and continued the pitched firefight on foot. The homeowner who is an avid marksman continued returning fire hitting all three, stopping them before they could reach his property.

One of the men was immediately killed at the scene, while the others were rushed to the hospital. A second shooter was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, while the third is in critical condition battling for his life.

According to news reporters, aside from being an excellent marksman the Texas homeowner is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, and goes to the shooting range regularly and practices his skills with his AR-15, the weapon he usually has by his side when sitting on his porch late at night.

Police are investigating the shooting; however, it’s an obvious case of self-defense and another example of why our Second Amendment was created.

Tell us in the comments below if you think that law-abiding citizens have a right to protect themselves using firearms.



  1. As long as we have bad guys in society we will need to be able to defend ourselves, after all, when seconds count the police are minutes away at best.

  2. Yes sir he had the wright to defend himself form any attack. As far as the 2nd amendment goes that is what it’s for. To protect yourself and your home. God bless Texas!

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