An unnamed 27 year old man was shot and killed by Harris County Sheriff Deputies at around 2 am Friday morning. The three deputies were working extra duty at Johnny B’s Outlaw Saloon in Houston when a fight broke out in the parking lot.

The video starts out with several men in the parking lot of the bar scuffling with each other. Three shots can be heard behind the camera man, followed by the three deputies opening fire on the shooter inside the vehicle.

Reports state that the driver of the blue Cadillac opened fire into the crowd that was fighting. The passenger of the vehicle is ordered out by two officers as the third officer covers the shooter (who is now filled with holes).

Fortunately, for everyone else at the bar, the shooter had piss poor marksmanship and no-one else was injured.



Drive by Shooting Ends Badly for Criminals Who Don’t Realize Group of Cops is Just Feet Away [VIDEO]

A criminal who opened fire from a vehicle into a crowd outside of a popular nightspot in Houston, Texas is dead after making a grave error.

Adrian Gonzalez, age 27, opened fire from the driver’s seat of his Cadillac into a lar crowd of people outside of Johnny B’s Outlaw Saloon.

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Officers believe that a fight that occurred around 2:00am led to the shooting. Video shows a group of individuals standing around loudly talking before gunshots can be heard in the background:

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The video then pans to show officers drawing their firearms and opening fire on the Cadillac where the gunshots originated:

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According to a local media report:

 According to investigators, three deputies were were working security at Johnny B’s Outlaw Saloon in the 12700 block of Woodforest Blvd. The deputies saw a fight outside the bar and a man in a blue Cadillac started shooting, investigators said.

Officials said the deputies, who were in uniform, ordered the man to drop the weapon. When he kept shooting the deputies returned fire, investigators said.

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Gonzalez was killed in a hail of gunfire from the three officers and his passenger was ordered out the car at gunpoint. The three officers have been placed on administrative leave per department policy.

 “We just heard shots, and we were with friends, and went behind the brick wall,” Banda, a witness who was present during the shooting, told KHOU. “I told them to stay right there and wait till the gunshots were over.”

Gonzalez’s family said he long criminal history that included arrests for theft, burglary and drugs.

Smart phone footage uploaded to Youtube captured the entire incident:

A later released news report gives more details about the incident:



Truck running from the cops makes a Dukes of Hazzard jump at 115 mph

These criminals confused Webster Parish, Louisiana with Hazzard County, Georgia when they ended a police chase with one of the most badass stunts we’ve ever seen. Granted it wasn’t intentional, but it was still awesome to watch.

Kevonte Dekorey Austin was finally arrested yesterday after evading police for nearly 3 weeks. On February 10th Austin fled a Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office Transitional work release program after stealing another employee’s car.

Yesterday Austin and another man were pulled over for doing 78 mph on Hwy 371. After speaking with the sheriff’s deputy, Austin took control of the vehicle and fled the scene. Deputies coordinated a trap just before Springhill. Austin was clocked at 115 mph shortly before encountering a spike strip at a police road block. The trap sent his truck offroad, into a ditch, and then flying through the air like the Duke boys.

After fully clearing a fence and sign with room to spare, Austin’s truck collided with a parked car. Fortunately the woman inside was not injured.


WATCH THIS: Wild ending to a high speed chase in Webster Parish. The man behind the wheel, now in custody, is an escapee from Caddo Parish. (courtesy Caleb Gallups)

Posted by Doug Warner KSLA on Tuesday, February 28, 2017