Why Are Truck Guns A Thing?

Ever since the old days of gun racks in trucks, truck guns have been a thing. It could be a shotgun, a bolt-action rifle, or any other longer gun that, when needed at a moment’s notice, is right there in the hands of the operator.

But truck guns have changed. It’s not just a family pump shotgun or an old Winchester hunting rifle — it’s now evolved into a whole series of short barrel rifles, pistols, and optics.

A person who makes the willful decision to arm up before he steps foot out the door likely has an understanding that concealed carry is just an immediate life line. It’s the tool you can easily conceal so you can get to safety in a life or death situation.

However, for a real fight against a determined foe, a truck gun is that next step. Often times a semi-automatic rifle chambered in .300 BLK, 5.56 NATO, or even 9mm, these semi-automatics are designed to conceal well, take up as little space as possible, and ensure that a person can “reach out and touch” the bad guy if he has to.

Don’t worry if you don’t own a truck or an especially large car in general. In this article, we’ll go over some ways to choose a truck gun. And don’t worry, we won’t go overboard.


Yeah, that one will turn some heads…

So, what are some considerations when picking out a truck gun?

Truck Gun Application

Application refers to the likely situations you may be forced to deal with. If you’re living out on the prairie, you may need to reach out and knock down some predators hunting your flock. A long range bolt-action rifle or something with an advanced optic may be a great choice.

However, if most of your days are spent jumping from the city to a rural environment, you may need a gun that works well in short to medium range situations. A 16 inch barreled rifle may fit in your vehicle of choice but you may also need something you can stow away into an even tighter area.

That’s where short barreled rifles and pistols earn their keep.

Not necessarily anyone’s first choice for sniping prairie dogs, these short barreled firearms can have barrels as short as nine inches.

Short barreled rifles require additional steps through the ATF . That can include long wait times and delays. If you feel you can afford to wait, short barreled rifles offer a great degree of versatility, mobility, and stability.

Short barreled pistols, however, are not under those restrictions. They can be equipped with the same style of magazines as their rifle counterparts and still run great. Many come with a stabilizing brace that can be secured to your arm for a better degree of stability.

And some people honestly will keep a full-sized 16 or 18 inch AR or AK platform in their vehicles. For many that I’ve spoken with, it’s the instantaneous gratification of being able to respond to near any situation. Decisiveness and security — it’s a big thing.

Storage Considerations For Truck Guns

If you’re going to keep a truck gun, it’s a good idea to keep it locked and out of view. Some people put their truck guns in their trunk — I guess this would technically make it a trunkgun but let’s not get into it. A trunk compartment can be a great way to secure firearms, magazines, and additional equipment that a person may feel he needs at the ready.

Depending upon the size of the gun, you can even get a locked compartment placed under your seat or under the rear seats if they pull forward.

The basic premise is this: if you have a truck (or trunk) gun, you need to be able to secure it so it cannot be easily seen and taken by a bad guy.

The worst feeling in the world is the thought of walking back to your vehicle to see a bad guy arming himself with your gun.

Lock’em up. Keep’em out of sight. This could be your last ticket out of the station in a rough scenario — treat it like such.



Most destructive 12ga shotgun round ever made that destroys bulletproof glass

Most destructive 12ga shotgun round ever made that destroys bulletproof glass – Tim from Tactical G-Code makes his own particular slugs and shotgun pellets. Some of them are really merciless – ready to slice through practically anything. His most recent?

A round nose metal pellet that can hurdle through practically anything. What’s more, he’s demonstrating it by taking off into the forested areas and shooting them at a group of stuff. Leading he test drives the slug by shooting it into ballistics gel. At that point he ups his diversion by nailing one into polycarbonate. At that point he shoots a rocking the bowling alley dish and some wood for impact.

He may well have recently revealed a standout amongst the most great projectiles out there. There doesn’t appear to be an excessive amount of that this shotgun slug can’t tear through.



Thugs record themselves attacking trans women with a gun

A disturbing video has surfaced of young men in Louisiana driving through the streets and harassing transgender women with violence and guns.

Captured by the assailants and reposted by Felicity Noire, the shaky footage is disturbing as the men travel the streets at night shouting slurs and threatening the women.

During the last portion of the clip, a young man can be seen assaulting someone who looks to be a trans woman with one hand while holding a pistol in the other.

Noire reposted the video as a call to action to identify the men and have them arrested.

She writes: “so these two ‘straight’ guys ‘volunteered’ their time to ride around their city targeting gay and trans people on the streets of (NO, Louisiana).”

The video shows the men in the vehicle saying they are “gonna gun a punk down” then recording an assault and shouting to the armed attacker, “shoot that b*tch.”

The word “punk” is derogatory slang which means a homosexual.

Facebook removed the video after the men posted it, But Noire says she quickly re-added it on her own feed. San Diego Gay and Lesbian News has the disturbing video below.

Popular trans internet vlogger and reality star TS Madison Hinton got wind of the video and shared it with her hundreds-of-thousands of fans.

She quickly posted a commentary, calling it an “Emergency situation,” advising trans folk to protect themselves

“I wanna tell you, we are living in perilous times now,” TS stated in her video. “This is to all my trans girls, this is also to my GLBT – gay boys effeminate men. Men that identify as homosexual, bisexual, whatever.”

“We are living in perilous times, and gay, trans people are the target.”

Madison’s live feed was seen by over 45,000 people and in it, the internet star displays the various weapons she has on hand to protect herself from a potential threat.

People seem to agree with Hinton, as response to the video has been mostly negative in the comments section.

“This is just going to make it difficult in other cities when other guys take this upon themselves to do this. Sad and Scary” – Coty Hines (Facebook).

“This is very Upsetting, for one because my best friend/ sister is Trans and I pray for her safety everyday, as well as mines. We live in a very Deranged world.” – Kenni Levon Styles (Facebook).

“That’s why I carry guns and I will be the first to shoot.” – DeAnthonio Bell-Coats (Facebook).

A record 26 transgender people were reported murdered in 2016. And earlier this year Mesha Caldwell from Mississippi was documented as the first killed in 2017.

The video below contains disturbing subject matter:



That’s What Happens When You Bring a Gun to a Snake Fight

Don’t worry, honey, I’ll take care of that snake for you. . . Oh (explicit!!!)

This funny clip shows what happens when A: you mess with snakes, and B: you’re not a very good shot. Before you try to pull off a stunt like this, make sure you at least hit the range first.

After watching this video, we decided to dig a little deeper and get some background info on sidewinder snakes.

The amazing video below explains the snakes infamous sidewinding motion and how it can reach speeds up to 18 mph!

Folks with ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) may want to turn away from this one:



20mm rifle has the perfect amount of recoil to get things shaking

Shooting a 20 Mil Anti Material Gun at The Tactile Ranch in El Paso Texas (RECOIL).  The 20mm anti-material rifle offers superior recoil that you won’t see in the average “girl shooting AR-15 prone” video.

This bikini topped beauty feels the full force of one of the biggest rifles at the Tactile Ranch in El Paso, Texas.

This video from GirlsWithGuns  – “Shooting a 20 Mil Anti Material Gun at The Tactile Ranch in El Paso Texas”. Watch & Share the Latest Trending Videos!


Quick Thinking Mom Saves Family’s Life by Giving Gunmen a Blowj0b

“He was armed and dangerous but so is my mouth” – Jennifer Bail is a hero to her family of four after doing the unthinkable to save their life. A Texas woman is a hero to her family of four after giving a robber head long enough to distract him so that her husband could hit him in the back of the head with a chair while the children escaped.

“To say I’d do anything for my children would be an understatement at this point. Plus he wasn’t a minute man so it was a lot of work.” – Jennifer.

Jennifer’s husband Raymond only had one thing to say about the ordeal …

“She’s never gave me head like that, but we will talk about that later. For now I’m just glad our children our safe.”


Hunting & Fishing

Video: Hunter Plays Real Life Big Buck Hunter; Shoots 3 Bucks in 35 Seconds

If you’re like us, you can’t resist the deer hunting video game Big Buck Hunter. In this video, John Oens takes down three bucks in 35 seconds, in what looks like a real life version of the classic arcade game.

John takes aim at the first buck at 200 yards and drops the animal with an Ithaca Deer Slayer III 20 gauge slug gun. Then, just like in the game, two more bucks run in front of John’s first-person camera. He makes it look easy as he shoots the two deer sprinting by him. Tough shots!

John ends up with a nice 10-point buck and two 8-pointers; that’s got to be a high score!




They’re Calling It The World’s Most Deadliest Bullet, And Here’s How It Works

Well it looks like you can all go home, bullet makers, because G2 Research has just made the 9mm R.I.P. Cartridge —  also known as, the last round you’ll ever need. The R.I.P, or ‘Radically Invasive Projectile’ is designed to maximize the dissipation of energy, creating a high level of accuracy.

The R.I.P. is still undergoing multiple testing, but after watching this video, the R.I.P. can be classified as nothing short of terrifying.



These “Pradit” guns are illegal homemade 12 bore shotguns. They are made by taking existing gun frames. They are becoming more and more popular among broke Thailand gang bangers.

Here we have a picture gone viral of a “custom 1911 shotgun pistol.” This has been making the rounds on gun forums everywhere, and no one seems to know where it came from, but it’s being said that Thailand may be the country of origin, as along the sides there appears to be Thai character lettering. And the time stamp on the photo (if legit) would indicate that this has been in existence for at least 8 years!

Apparently these images turned up on a Thai forum, and the text has since been put through a translator app, but the following came out as pretty much nonsense:

“The Somchai ( HA ) – Love on March 09, 2012, 12:55:40 PM.

You probably have a few plants Short shotgun made a fine (not refined – often misspelled ) beautifully finished basements and … There are plenty of qualified people do not …

It Lokodd 12 gauge head 1 ounce equals 437.5 grain , fly about 1400 ft / sec of it … Certificate Force Unleashed certainly …

Interested custom made me wash my uncle.”

Now it is said that a video of one of these guns in action has been put out there.