At The World Economic Forum in Davos, billionaire globalist, George Soros, has threatened to “take down President Trump” to fulfill the New World Orders plans for “financial armageddon”.

Speaking at the exclusive convention in the Swiss Alps for high ranking politicians and corporation heads, which many believe is actually a secret Illuminati meeting,

Soros vowed to destroy Trump’s entire agenda.Soros, a Hillary Clinton supporter and DNC funder, is reported to have lost almost $1 billion as the stock market rallied following news that Donald Trump was elected president.

YNW reports: Speaking to a packed audience at his annual dinner at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Soros warned large multinational corporations to hold off from doing any business in the United States until he’s ended Trump’s presidency – or else face the consequences.

Asked what advice he would give to businesses preparing for the impact of the new presidency, he said, “I’d keep as far away from it as I can“.

The hedge fund manager and convicted felon, who initially became famous for having made $1bn by betting on the devaluation of the pound in 1992, is reported to have lost close to a $1bn after the stock market rallied following Trump’s win.

Mr. Soros attributed the rise in the markets to Mr. Trump’s pledge to cut regulation and taxes but told the elite gathered at the World Economic Forum that the good times under Trump wouldn’t last.

Soros said that after Trump takes office – in under 24 hours – “reality will prevail“.Soros, a Jewish Nazi collaborator, said he was confident Mr. Trump’s powers would be limited by Congress. “He won’t be able to get away with being a dictator,” he added.

Soros’s comments to the international economic elite in Switzerland come after Wall Street analysts have begun referring to him as a “wounded beast” and warned that he is “hell bent on revenge” after his candidate failed to win the election.

Pundits and market analysts have been keeping a close eye on the “wounded beast” in recent weeks to determine his next move and reports are now emerging that the funds Soros wasted on Clinton are set to be dwarfed by the amount of money he is now spending on the bond market.

The plan is to create “financial Armageddon and unleash hell“, driving the Western world, and in particular the United States, to the edge of ruin. Out of the flames a phoenix will rise and this will be Soros’ vision of the New World Order.

Soros believes the market is Trump’s weak point. He claims Trump has “no chance” of surviving his upcoming market assault, gloating that the future POTUS will be destroyed and unable to focus on making America great again.



GAME CHANGER: President Trump Just Gave Sheriff Clarke The Job Of A Lifetime!

Sheriff Clarke is now going to be joining the Trump administration. He announced it on the Vicki McKenna show, according to the Gateway Pundit.

Sheriff Clarke made this announcement and said that he would be joining the Trump administration in the Department of Homeland Security.

Sheriff David Clarke will now be the assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security, according to the Budget Pundit.

If you remember, this is what Sheriff David Clarke had to say about the second amendment.

Trump and Mr. David Clarke are going to kick butt and take names together.



ICE Just Raided Home Depot And Made HORRIFYING Find Hidden Inside That Proves EXACTLY Why We Need Trump

There was a time when several Home Depots once featured several dozen day laborers nearby waiting for work, but it appears that the supply is shriveling as the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement are seeking to deport as many as 3 million illegal aliens that have criminal records.

Following President Trump’s presidential executive order, “Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements,” that was issued on January 25th, ICE raids across the nation have already detained 680 high priority individuals for deportation.

Although the number seems large, shockingly it is only .07 percent of the 950,062 non-detained aliens with deportation orders on the list as of May 21, 2016.

When the question was asked by Grassley as to why there were so few in custody, Homan’s answered: “Individuals on ICE’s non-detained docket with final orders of removal are released under conditions designed to ensure their compliance with their immigration obligations.”

This means with virtually zero general purpose interior removals in the last couple of years, the latest survey found that we there were an estimated 11.1 million illegal aliens in the U.S. back in 2014. This number has come down from 12.2 million that was found here in 2007.

BUT…those numbers are not as shocking as what you’r about o hear. Of these illegal aliens, about 72 percent are employed and with that number to so high it equals about 5 percent of the ENTIRE U.S. workforce…

Do you think all this going down now will lower crime across the board? What are the effects that you predict if President Trump’s executive order sweeps out illegal criminals leaving us to be self-reliant again like it was back in the days when we didn’t pay people to do nothing, and immigrants came into the country receiving no benefits and learned to make it on their own instead of costing tax payers large sums of money for their benefits…despite them NOT being citizens of this country?