Tim Kaine’s Son Apprehended For Violent Rioting Against Trump Supporters!

  It’s no surprise that Obama is prepared to take down anyone with him if that means achieving his goal which is deposing of President Trump. However, the most recent person that has gone down because of him will surely surprise you!

  Tim Kaine’s youngest son, Linwood Kaine, has been apprehended with crime charges of rioting after reportedly a pro-Trump event in Minnesota.

  Kaine was just one of six people detained on Saturday close to the Minnesota State Capitol building after being part of a counter-demonstration.

  Opponents of Trump clashed with supporters of the president.

  Anti-Trumpers confronted Trump’s supporters, and according to booking information from Ramsey County sheriff’s department, Kaine, 24, is facing one felony charge of rioting after he was arrested on Saturday.

  Senator Tim Kaine, who is a St Paul native released a statement concerning his son’s arrest.

  Pioneer Press reported that Kaine is a Minnesota resident and was released from prison ear;y on Tuesday. The St Paul City Attorney said the gang is facing misdemeanor charges. Tim Kaine made a statement expressing his concern about his son’s arrest.

  ‘We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues. They fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully,’ said the Senator.

  Local police claimed about 50 protesters confronted the 400 Trump supporters and at one stage a smoke bomb was let off in the Capitol building’s rotunda.

  The local authorities stated that around 50 rioters clashed with 400 pro-Trump’s protester and even a smoke bomb went off in the Capitol’s rotunda.

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