Professor afraid of new Texas campus carry law shows up for class in full battle rattle

An instructor at Texas’ San Antonio College responded to the school’s decision to allow lawful concealed carry on campus by showing up to work in a Kevlar helmet and an Interceptor IOTV armored vest.

Standing in front of his students in an IOTV and early GWOT-era “K-Pot,” Geography teacher Charles K. Smith drew quite a bit of attention.

“I was just saying I don’t feel safe, Smith said on Tuesday. “It definitely makes me feel uneasy that there are more firearms on campus than there really should be,” Smith said. “(Dressing this way) was just a statement on how I felt.”

A teacher at the campus for ten years, Smith has encountered the occasional heated student- something that worries him when firearms are added to the mix, no matter if the person carrying is qualified to do so or not.

“I realize students were carrying guns on campus illegally, but now it’s legal to do so. It increases the chances of something happening,” Smith said. “Used to, when they got mad at me, they had to go home to get the gun and had time to cool off, now they will have it with them.”

For Smith, the move to legalize campus carry goes against his pacifist outlook on life.

“My assumption is that you will have more people carrying guns, that well lead to problems. It always has,” Smith said. “There is nothing on this planet worth a human life.”

The photo, which was taken by James “Hot Mustard” Velten, has created a flurry of controversy since it hit the internet.

“I’m not one bit surprised on the horrible things people have said. You have guns. The Second Amendment. It has to do with a community college. There’s so many messages that haven’t made it on the thread,” Velten said.

According to LMT Online, Campus Carry was signed into state law in 2015 and was officially implemented into Texas community colleges on August 1 of this year. The law only extends to qualified and licensed individuals who wish to carry a concealed handgun while on college premises. Prior to community colleges, 4-year institutions were cleared to carry in 2016.

Smith said he informedcampus police and the school administration before showing up to work in full battle rattle.

“Some of them were okay and some of them weren’t, but it’s freedom of speech,” Smith said.




Amazing Video: Strangers Rescue Infants Trapped In Submerged Overturned SUV During Tornado

On Saturday, East Texas was hit by massive storms and deadly tornados that left four people dead and over 50 more injured. Ten miles north of Canton, a group of brave good samaritans came to the rescue of a family in an overturned vehicle that was caught in a heavy stream of storm water. Tom Mitchell, one of the individuals who arrived at the scene, recorded a video of the incredible rescue mission that involved a group of heroic strangers rescuing a 2-year-old toddler and an infant.

Mitchell told WFAA that as the storms began to fade he felt compelled to take action, and began to drive to see if there was anyone who needed help. That’s when he came upon the scene of the overturned truck near Myrtle Springs with a father, toddler and infant trapped inside.

WFAA asked Mitchell how fast the water flowing past the car was moving.

“Fast enough that they can’t get the doors open,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell caught the entire incident on video, which included a group of heroes doing all they could to get the car open and removing the infant and toddler.

Mitchell described the infant as “white going blueish-gray” and knew CPR had to be performed immediately.

“This baby is gonna die if we don’t start CPR fast,” Mitchell said. “Having a negative feeling coming over me. This baby may not make it, this baby may not make it. No reaction, nothing is happening.”

A woman can be heard on the video praying wildly over Mitchell’s shoulder.

“Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe,” she can be heard saying. “Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe.”

“Well the first prayer she said, I felt a response in that child,” Mitchell said to WFAA.

The father of the children said he and the infant were doing much better. He also reported that the toddler was still under sedation but they were pulling the breathing tube to see if she could breathe on her own.

“I think it shows how the community and strangers all come together,” Mitchell told WFAA.

Watch the extraordinary rescue by heroic strangers below:



That Huge Abandoned Texas Mansion May Become a Veterans Facility

After a couple years on the market, this unfinished mansion in Manvel, Texas may become a new home for veterans. reports the property owner, real investor John Youngblood, is leasing the home to the Bailey House Veteran Facility. A recent Facebook post from the Bailey House says they are seeking donations and working on finances to complete the building.

The 30-bedroom home was started in 2001, and has not yet been completed or occupied.

Bailey House Founder, Christa Mode, wrote that the facility will provide readjustment and integration counseling for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury and Military Sexual Trauma. The facility could house up to 200 veterans and their families.

Texas Mansion

Mode wrote financial decisions for this property have become an issue in the completion of the facility. Once those problems find answers the house will seek completion.

There are some technical problems that need to be addressed before the facility can open for veterans. Additionally, the City of Manvel must rezone the property from residential to light commercial.

With the building not completed, it has been subject to vandalism.

The current property is listed online having 30 bedrooms, 30 full bathrooms and 10 half bathrooms. There have been previous reports of more bedrooms in the building.

Oh, and you may be wondering why it’s called the Bailey House. Mode said that the empty house reminds her of the George Bailey, Jimmy Stewart’s character in It’s a Wonderful Life.

“You know the scene where they come to the old house and throw rocks at it to break a window and make a wish?” Mode wrote. “That’s exactly what this building reminds me of!”


Hunting & Fishing


You’ve never seen hog hunting footage like this before.

The state of Texas is overrun with hogs, they’re literally everywhere. Just last week, I saw one hit by a car on a busy road just miles outside of Austin. For those who don’t live it, the overpopulation of hogs isn’t just a problem for farmers and landowners in remote parts of the state; it’s a problem for everyone.

With millions of dollars worth of damage caused by hogs every year, hunters across the state are doing everything they can, every chance they get to curb the increasing number of pigs. This incredible hog hunting footage from the Lone Star state will help illustrate.



Texas School Posts Sign Warning Teachers May Be Armed

In a year that has seen some of the deadliest mass shootings in recent memory, a school district in Bandera County, Texas, decided to take safety into their own hands. Medina ISD, a 303-student school in Texas, posted a sign out front warning potential intruders that teachers and staff could be packing.


A picture of the sign was posted by the Bandera Bulletin, and states: “ATTENTION: Please be aware that the staff at Medina ISA may be armed and will use whatever force is necessary to protect students.”

In an interview with KSAT in Texas, a local school board member stated that the sign was posted so that “anybody who might have a thought about harming someone in mind might think twice about it.”

According to the KSAT report, the school plans to place two more signs at the other entrances to the building. But for now — intruders, you have been warned.